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  • 南京賽思交通信息科技有限公司,注冊于南京市白下高新園區科技孵化中心,為園區重點科技型公司,主要從事道路交通安全設施(主動發光標志、電子智能安全設施、數字化物聯網系統、及基礎性交通安全設施)設計、研發、生產、銷售、服務等全流程,公司一貫秉承“專業、潛心、責任、共贏”的經營理念,旨在以先進的前沿智能科技推動中國交通安全產業持續、創新發展,公司作為“江蘇科創車聯網產業研究院”的科技孵化公司,立足科技平臺,自我創新、自我突破。
    Nanjing Saisi Traffic Information Technology Co., Ltd., registered in the science and Technology Incubation Center of Nanjing Baixia high tech park, is a key science and technology company in the park, mainly engaged in the whole process of design, research and development, production, sales and service of road traffic safety facilities (active luminous signs, electronic intelligent safety facilities, digital Internet of things system, and basic traffic safety facilities) Adhering to the business philosophy of "professional, dedicated, responsible and win-win", the company aims to promote the sustainable and innovative development of China's traffic safety industry with advanced cutting-edge intelligent technology. As a technology incubation company of "Jiangsu Kechuang Research Institute of Internet of vehicles industry ", the company is based on the technology platform, self innovation and self breakthrough.
    The company has strong talents and equipment resources necessary for customized development, production and assembly, and introduces standardized production management system. With the core advantages of long-term accumulation of patent technology, technical know-how, enterprise standards, process manufacturing, etc., the company constantly pursues the "perfection" of products, technologies and services, and provides customers with "technology + entity" solutions for traffic safety In the scheme, the company raised funds to establish a professional external waiting simulation test laboratory to provide sound quality assurance for electronic products. The products sold are widely used in various fields of traffic safety (urban roads, provincial roads, water transport channels, air landing areas, etc.), and are well known by the owners, users, and technical evaluation agencies.
    The company will continue to provide customers with high-quality products, programs and technical services with innovative and breakthrough technology paths, and contribute to the development of China's traffic safety industry.





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